Textbook and Course Materials Guide

Oregon’s House Bill 2871 requires faculty to indicate clearly when a course section uses exclusively open textbooks or other low-cost and no-cost course materials.

If you use open educational resources (OER) in your class, you are required to share that information with students. There is an established compliance process in place at Oregon State that relies on the OSU Beaver Store's textbook information upload system.

To make sure students have important information about the costs of course materials, faculty and those responsible for ordering textbooks are asked to provide the OSU Beaver Store with the following information: textbooks required for purchase, course materials that are no-cost and provided by the instructor or Beaver Store, and courses that do not require any course materials.

Note: If no form is submitted, students see a message that the instructor has not filed a requisition yet, and they will not know if materials are required or what they cost.

Step-by-step guide

To comply with the regulations, follow these simple steps:

  1. For all course sections, at least 30 days an advance of each new term’s initial registration date, fill out an OSU Beaver Store faculty order form. Please submit this form if your course requires that course materials be purchased, if your course does not require any course materials, and/or if course materials are provided at no-cost by the instructor or Beaver Store. (See the SKU numbers below for each type of course material.)
  2. Once this information is submitted, the Beaver Store website will post information for the course section indicating the required course materials, including info for courses that do not require course materials and those that require no-cost materials.
  3. (Coming soon) The Beaver Store shares this information with the Schedule of Classes, and OSU students will be able to find information about the cost of course materials in two convenient locations.

OSU Beaver Store SKU details

If an SKU is being utilized for an open educational resource or free material offered through the Beaver Store or through a faculty's Canvas page, please enter that SKU in all three fields (i.e., SKU/ISBN, Author, Title). Use the SKU information below to inform students what may/may not be required for course materials.

  • 19707174: materials that are no-cost and posted in Canvas or via an instructor-provided link in Canvas
  • 19734545: materials that are no-cost and the Beaver Store will either receive the material to post and/or the link to the material
  • 10596043: no materials for which students need to obtain
  • For course materials students need to purchase, use the SKU associated with the textbook or course material.

Why is this important?

If you provide no-cost course materials in Canvas but don’t complete the process above, students who visit the Beaver Store website will see a notice that the instructor has yet to complete the book order, signifying that students will need to purchase a book. Completing the process above clearly informs students that all course materials are provided via Canvas at no cost.