Adopt or adapt open textbooks

Open Educational Resources, in partnership with the OSU Libraries and OSU Press, is sponsoring an initiative for faculty to adapt/adopt open textbooks. There are many open texts already in existence that are of high quality and meant for lower-division, undergraduate, high-enrollment courses.
We are offering the opportunity for you to adapt/adopt one of these textbooks for use in your class. A stipend will be paid for the adoption and review of the open textbook. Technical assistance is available if you choose to adapt open materials to fit your needs.
Not sure what’s out there or what the quality is? Contact Stefanie Buck, and tell her what you're looking for, and she will provide a list of resources – starting with high-quality, peer-reviewed textbooks that you can use, reuse, modify and adapt to suit your needs.

Stefanie Buck
Director, Ecampus Open Educational Resources
541-737-7403 | stefanie.buck@oregonstate.edu

Grant collaboration

When National Science Foundation grants are reviewed, there are two criteria used to determine merit – intellectual merit and broader impact. Most can figure out the intellectual merit of their grant proposal but need help describing the broader impact. Open Educational Resources can help.

NSF will not consider a proposal unless it explicitly includes activities that demonstrate the project's broader impacts on science or society at large. One must also explain the extent to which these activities explore creative, original or potentially transformative concepts.

The NSF review criterion considers:

  1. Integrating research and education
  2. Broadening participation of underrepresented groups
  3. Enhancing infrastructure for research and education
  4. Broad dissemination of scientific ideas and methods (general scientific literacy)
  5. Direct benefit to society
  6. Increased partnerships between academia, industry, and other
  7. Improved national security
  8. Increased economic competitiveness of the United States

The Open Educational Resources staff is available to help you navigate this process. Contact us today about a collaboration.