Adopt OER pilot program

Add a no-cost textbook to your online course, receive a $500 department-to-department transfer

Did you know that 61% of Oregon State students say they have not purchased a textbook in the past because it was too expensive?

You can increase students’ opportunity to succeed in your online course by adopting a no-cost textbook — and you can earn a $500 grant in the process.

How it works

The Open Educational Resources Unit will provide a $500 department-to-department transfer to Oregon State faculty who elect to start their Ecampus course development or redevelopment one term early. This will enable you to select a free, open educational resource textbook that replaces a commercial textbook in your course.

  1. Have a one-on-one kickoff meeting with OERU Director Stefanie Buck.
  2. Spend one term researching OER and attend one to three additional support sessions with Stefanie.
  3. At the end of the term, hand in a rubric for at least three potential textbooks and a one-page assessment of the viability of the texts for use in your course.
  4. Whether or not you select an OER for use in your course, you’ll receive a $500 department-to-department transfer.
  5. At the start of the following term, begin the typical course development or redevelopment process using the open textbook you’ve selected.

Get started

Ready to dive into your research? Upon filling out the Ecampus course development proposal form, check the box in the open educational resources section indicating you would like an extra term to locate OER. The OERU will reach out to you with further information.


  • Currently, this program is only available for Ecampus online courses.
  • This grant only covers the research and review of fully accessible, openly licensed educational resources. It does not cover other types of free course materials unless they are used in combination with one or more OER.
  • You must attempt to replace at least 50% of the course materials required in your course with openly licensed materials.
  • A total of two to four meetings with the director of the Open Educational Resources Unit are required.
  • If the final rubric and one-page assessment are not delivered, your department will not be eligible to receive the project funds.
  • The funds will be paid even if you’re unable to find a suitable OER for your course.
  • This pilot will extend for two years (AY22-23, 23-24). It will not exceed 10 faculty per term.