Affordability Matters badge

What does the Affordability Matters badge mean?

Affordability Matters badge

At Oregon State, we believe that affordable learning materials are essential to faculty and students, so we created the Affordability Matters initiative to recognize faculty who are actively working to lower the cost of course materials. Faculty whose course materials cost $40 or fewer are eligible to add the Affordability Matters badge to their syllabus, display in their Canvas course site, or anywhere they’d like. In addition, their course will show in the OSU Schedule of Classes as a no-cost or low-cost course.


Oregon House Bill 2213 (2019) requires all Oregon public institutions to have an affordable textbook plan. In 2019, OSU Provost Ed Feser convened a steering committee to draft the Affordable Learning Plan for OSU. Part of the plan involves recognizing faculty who are making the effort to use affordable, required learning materials that cost $40 or fewer. We created the Affordability Matters badge to let them know that we appreciate their efforts and to let students know that their instructor is taking important steps to help make learning more affordable.

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