Using a variety of emerging technologies, Oregon State faculty and the Open Oregon State staff are developing learning modules that enhance access to and the interactivity of educational opportunities. These learning modules:

  • Focus on defined individual learning objectives
  • Serve as a foundation for additional online course development
  • Provide K-12 school curriculum enhancement
  • Support international educational programs by removing language barriers and equalizing access to research-based, open content

Oregon State's early focus is on creating open modules in the agricultural sciences and STEM fields that have dual-language functionality (Chinese-English and Spanish-English).

Open Oregon State's multimedia developers and instructional designers work in software programs such as Adobe Captivate, Storyline, Maya, Reveal and Hype to develop highly interactive learning experiences. The artwork is often customized in-house by our staff.

Example modules

Below are examples of learning modules created by Open Oregon State in collaboration with OSU faculty. (Please note that many others are in the development phase.)

Featured learning modules

DNA icon

DNA: The End Replication
This module explains the DNA End Replication Problem and shows how the enzyme telomerase works to solve the end replication problem. Interactive elements are found throughout the module. This module is best viewed in Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

pH icon

pH and Plants
This module illustrates the relationship between pH, soil health and plant growth. Particular emphasis is on how soil pH is managed, how pH affects plants and plant nutrients, how the environment affects the soil pH, plant diseases and life in the soil.

Irrigation icon

Irrigation  (bilingual)
This module explains basic irrigation methods and analyzes when and where to use each method. This module is dual language -- Chinese/English. This module is best viewed in Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

Handwash icon

Proper Handwashing For Food Preparation
This module demonstrates the proper technique for hand washing as it applies to food service. It has interactive components.

Additional learning modules

Example bilingual learning modules